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Single Line Bingo by SignCherie

by: SignCherie
fandoms: Dragon Age, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural
tropes: coming out, mind control, bets/wagers (free space), au: fairy tale/myth, secret twin/doppelganger

FIC: Outed (Supernatural, Dean and John Winchester, coming out)
summary/preview: John discovers Dean is queer. Brief, non-explicit, consentual sexual activity between two underage characters implied.
content notes: underage

ART: Hearless (Once Upon A Time, Rumbelle (Rumplestiltskin/Belle) and Regina/Evil Queen, mind control)
summary/preview: Alternate universe. Regina doesn't lock Belle up in season one. Instead, she takes her heart and sends her back to Rumplestiltskin.
content notes: no warnings apply

ART: Bets and Wagers (Dragon Age, Merrill, Isabela, and Bethany, Bets/Wagers)
summary/preview: Isabela, Bethany, and Merrill play strip diamondback. Partial nudity.
content notes: no warnings apply

ART: Little Red Rumbelle (Once Upon A Time, Rumbelle (Rumplestiltskin/Belle), AU: fairy tale/myth)
summary/preview: Belle and Rumplestiltskin of Once Upon A Time, recast as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
content notes: no warnings apply

PICSPAM: Separated at Birth (Dragon Age, Alexia Cousland, Alistair Theirin and OC twin, secret twin/doppelganger)
summary/preview: A Dragon Age alternate universe in which Maric fathered not one royal bastard, but two: twins, a boy and a girl.
content notes: no warnings apply